Haught Profile: Top 5 Hits from Rob Jungmann of Jungmaven

Haught Profile: Top 5 Hits from Rob Jungmann of Jungmaven

Meet our Friend Rob and his quest for everyone in hemp

La Haute Staff Writer | March 14, 2019

“I've been known to set up my office on the beach.” Rob Jungmann

A friend of La Haute and champion of hemp, Rob Jungmann is the owner and founder of Jungmaven. Loved by surfers, skaters and laid-back trendsetters alike, Jungmaven makes the perfect tee. It’s breathable, soft, relaxed but fitted, and goes with just about anything.

Jungmaven’s Rob Jungmann, headed to the beach
Jungmaven’s Rob Jungmann, hiking

Rob started making hemp tees out of activism. As a student in the Pacific Northwest, he camped on weekends and saw the devastation caused by clear cutting. “I got into hemp originally to stop deforestation in Washington State,” says Rob. “It's grown from that. As a natural resource, hemp can deliver on trillions of opportunities.” A naturally pest- and drought-resistant plant that eats up greenhouse gases, hemp has the potential to mitigate climate change if it’s grown globally. Rob’s goal is to get everyone in a hemp tee by 2020.

Jungmaven’s 100% hemp tees are Rob’s favorite.

Besides being good for the planet, hemp is practical—it gets softer as you wear it, and it’s durable enough to last through loads of washes. “I like the 100% Hemp Tees,” says Rob. “The fabric is like natural armor, it's my go-to shirt for long plane flights.”

When he’s not traveling, Rob lives in Los Angeles. “I love jumping in the ocean,” he says. “My summer goal is to be there as much as possible. I've been known to set up my office on the beach.” Sounds like a good job. We asked for further insight into how to live like a hemp guru, so Rob shared 5 more favorite things with us.

The Moab Dress is made of 100% hemp canvas.

My happy place is...

A little surf town in Costa Rica where I used to live. I love to go there to surf and hang with old friends. The deep sleep, early morning surf sessions, the tropical air, sunsets, billions of stars at night. It's one of many happy places I like to drift off to while sitting in traffic.

My favorite place to eat is…Pepolino in Tribeca, NYC. Try and share everything. It's an unpretentious trattoria serving Tuscan food with daily specials and brunch every day.

Jungmaven collaborates with artists and activists.
Their Direct Action Tee benefits the Flower Hill Institute, a native-owned nonprofit that serves tribal communities.

Growing up, I wanted to be a...
Summer Olympic Athlete in Track and Field. 800 meter to be exact. My best friend was a Norwegian Exchange student in that race, and we planned on meeting up again and competing against each other in '92.

Now, my dream job is...
Helping others. It’s my favorite thing to do. I’m currently looking at ways to help the homeless in Los Angeles, and I’d love to get more involved in solar, wind, building hemp homes and public transportation.

Jungmaven’s striped raglan was inspired by a vintage 1981 Rolling Stones concert tee.

My hero is…
My mom. She’s a single mom who raised two boys in Phoenix, Arizona in the 70s and 80s. She's the kindest, most loving, honest person I know. Every day I realize how lucky I am to have her in my life.

Thanks, Rob!

Ready to learn more?

Check out jungmaven.com.

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