Our Story: The La Haute Way of Life

Our Story: The La Haute Way of Life

Three Friends from the Design World start a Cannabis Brand for Grown Ups

La Haute Staff Writer | March 14, 2019

“Keep your heels, head and standards high.” Coco Chanel

La Haute is more than a product, website, or dispensary—it’s a lifestyle. We offer an immersive space where people can find recipes for healthy foods, remedies for aches, and guides to the best SoCal spots. We believe that cannabis has a place in a well-rounded approach to wellness. Plus, it’s fun.

More bliss.
Less stress.

Based in Los Angeles, La Haute was founded by three friends from the fashion and design world. Michael is a runner who uses cannabis as a non-toxic way to relieve aches and pains. Courtney is a Boston-Irish girl who discovered cannabis when looking for a healthy substitute for her two glasses of wine each evening. Josh is a working dad who takes cannabis to relax at night after putting his two kids to bed.

La Haute looks at cannabis culture through the lens of wellness, design and style.

Why We Use Cannabis

Cannabis helps bring balance to our lives. We use it for relaxation, relief and enjoyment. It’s our way of making the grass a little greener in our own backyard (and yours).

It’s ancient.

Although cannabis wasn’t legal in California until recently, it’s got a long history of use. It’s a time-tested way to improve overall health by bringing balance to your mind and body. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used it, Chinese doctors prescribed it, Queen Victoria took it for PMS, and even Washington and Jefferson grew it.

It doesn’t have to get you high.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound in cannabis that’s non-psychoactive. Pure CBD cannabis helps promote healthy muscles, bones, digestion, immune response and nervous system—all without causing a high.

The best things in life are green.

If you want to, you can use it for a mild high.

THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol) is the compound in the cannabis plant that causes a high. While there are downsides to using THC (like sleepiness and the munchies) it also has pain-relieving properties, and it’s good for relaxation, relief and fun. It’s also non-addictive for most users.

Less is more.

Microdosing—taking small amounts of cannabis to get the minimum effective dose—is a way to incorporate cannabis into your routine. It lets you maximize the benefits while minimizing any unwanted side effects, so you can stay present in your daily life.

It’s legal.

California standards regulate cannabis, so it’s safer and less stigmatized than ever. We also lab-test our products to ensure they meet our own high standards for quality ingredients.

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